Michael E. Curry – Chair and President

Michael Curry has been an Eklutna, Inc. Board member where he has held the various positions of Chairman, President and Vice-President since 1990. With the establishment of Eklutna Services, LLC., which recently graduated from its 8(a) government certification, he held the position of Vice President and Board member. Michael has also sat on the Knakanan Board of Directors as President, a Board member of Eklutna Utilities Inc., and has held the positions of President and Vice President for Ikluat, Incorporated.

Michael has been self employed since 1982, where Little Bear Construction focuses on site excavation and other earth work. He has been responsible for directing corporate strategy, planning and research, raising capital, insurance and bonding, managing legal, regulatory, administrative, financial, recruitment and human resources. He has also worked on and coordinated projects with civil, structural, environmental engineering and architectural firms, contractors, planners, contract administrators, developers, and others who understand the different professional perspectives held in construction projects and documents.

His experience is also in environmental permitting, regulatory compliance, governmental affairs, agency coordination, project development services, planning, zoning and community developmental procedures from being on various committees and has worked with the Federal and State governmental procurement guidelines and the contracting process. Michael is a member of the NALA Executive Committee, the 12(b) Committee and CIRI Sand & Gravel Committee. He also is a member of Municipality of Anchorage committees, Long-Range Transportation Plan Committee and the Eagle River Comprehensive Plan Committee. Michael is the Chairman of the Powder Reserve Master Association.