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  • Carpenters & Laborers needed for Contract Jobs in Alaska

The construction and gravel pit seasons are fast approaching. Job opportunities for Eklutna Construction & Maintenance, the construction company, & Eklutna Services, the gravel company, may be increasing for both these companies. You can submit your resume/application for these potential positions to hr@eklutnainc.com and you can visit the following unions to sign up.

Construction Company Unions:

Gravel Company Unions:

Please either upload resume or submit via one of the submission methods listed below.


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Other Delivery Submission Options

You may also submit resumes and applications via Mail, Fax, email, or in person to:

Eklutna, Inc.
16515 Centerfield Drive, Suite 201
Eagle River, Alaska

Fax: 907-696-2845

Eklutna, Inc. Administration Jobs Email: hr@eklutnainc.com