Eklutna Construction & Maintenance, LLC (ECM)

Eklutna Construction & Maintenance, LLC (ECM) was established in 2016 and is an Alaskan limited liability, certified SBA 8(a) company.  We specialize in vertical construction in the commercial, military and private development markets.  We also perform work in Civil/Underground and POL projects both directly and through strategic relationships with business partners.  We offer a full spectrum of services in design-build and traditional delivery methods.

A primary focus of the management team is relationship building. To continue to grow this business, positive relationships, quality work, and creative problem solving is crucial. ECM strives to bring all of that to the customer knowing that these attributes contribute greatly to successful projects.

ECM Office Locations

2485 E Zak Circle, Suite C
Wasilla, Alaska, 99654

1850 Viking Drive
Anchorage, Alaska, 99501

Phone: 907-631-6650


Eklutna Dam Removal

The Conservation Fund has hired Eklutna Construction & Maintenance, LLC to remove an abandoned hydro-electric dam down river from the Anchorage Water & Wastewater Utilities’ dam on the Eklutna River. This project will restore some of the natural river functions currently inhibited by the presence of this 80 foot dam.

GSA / FBI Building

Eklutna Construction & Maintenance, LLC is performing preconstruction services for the next major Interior and Exterior Upgrade of the FBI Anchorage office building. We have been working with the GSA, FBI, Berkshire FBI Anchorage Associates (building owner), FOCUS Architecture + Design and Eklutna Real Estate Services (property manager) to provide the Berkshire and GSA with estimates, schedules and constructability reviews of the evolving design of a 3 phased upgrade to the 20 year old building and grounds. Once the design, scheduling and estimating of phases 2 and 3 are complete, GSA will have the information needed to request funding for the Government’s share of the upgrades.


Ft. Wainwright Melaven Fitness Center Pool Renovation

This project involved complete renovation to the aquatic facility and MEP upgrade to the Melaven Fitness Center.  The pool received a new liner, new pool systems and equipment, and a non-skid epoxy pool deck.  MEP upgrades involved energy efficient upgrades the building wide ventilation, controls and new electrical distribution equipment.

Melaven Pool Renovation

Recent Projects

EIE385, F-35A OSS Weapons Intelligence Facility

Dates Construction: Began: 02/16/2018 Completed: 09/20/2019
Location of Project: Eielson AFB, AK

ECM performed as the Prime Contractor on the Design-Build EIE385, F-35A OSS Weapons Intelligence Facility project, which was successfully completed at Eielson AFB for the USACE, AK. The scope of work encompassed the construction of a 12,000-Square Foot (SF) specialized weapons/intelligence facility on a 1.5-acre site as a part of the F-35 bed down construction program. The project also included the construction of additional facilities to support the F-35 mission, including an administrative work area for 55 personnel, storage, conference and training spaces, a break room, restrooms with showers, arctic entries and utility spaces. In addition, the facility included a Secure Work Area (SWA) space constructed to current Intelligence Community Directive/Intelligence Community Standard (ICD/ICS) 705 standards.

As this facility was constructed in Climate Zone 8, ECM included all elements necessary to provide a comfortable interior environment within a durable, reliable exterior envelope design for subarctic conditions. As a result, the project is certified as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold by the US Green Building Council.

Repair Parachute Shop (Building 1161)

Dates Construction: Began: 04/27/2020 Completed: 02/28/2022
Location of Project: Eielson AFB, AK

ECM performed as the Prime Contractor on the Design-Bid-Build Repair Parachute Shop (Building 1161) project, which was successfully completed at Eielson AFB, AK for the USAF. The scope of work encompassed repairs and upgrades to Building 1161 to accommodate the expansion of operations for two incoming F-35A squadrons. The upgrades allowed for the safe inspection of multiple munition types concurrently within the same facility.

The exterior walls, roofing, structural, plumbing, HVAC, lighting, electrical service and distribution and fire- detection/suppression systems were upgraded. The building’s entire existing electrical telecommunication system was removed, updated with new electrical series to feed the facility, and telecommunication devices in compliance with ICD/ICS 705 design and construction standards for secure areas. ECM provided interior configuration and updated architectural finishes, exterior utilities, access road and site work and other incidental improvements on this 7,244-SF facility. The scope of work also involved multiple disciplines including, but not limited to, real property repair, maintenance, minor construction, infrastructure upgrades, renovation, alteration, fire-alarm/mass-notification and communications systems, energy conservation, mechanical and equipment procurement and installation.

Cook Inlet Tribal Council (CITC) Ernie Turner Center

Dates Construction: Began: 07/17/2017 Completed: 07/13/2018
Location of Project: Chugiak, AK

ECM performed as the Prime Contractor on the Design-Build project provided a 12,000-square-foot, two-story facility for the purpose of substance abuse recovery. ECM worked with the owner, Cook Inlet Tribal Council, to developing the owner criteria, which included incorporating traditional Dena’ina design and values while supporting energy efficiency, ease of maintenance, and long-term low operating costs. Design work included layout and function of the proposed facility, along with cost estimates, schedules, and design reviews. Additional work included re-platting and re-zoning for the new facility. The facility has a 16-bed capacity, staff offices for 12 personnel, a commercial kitchen, dining area, exercise room, arts and crafts room, group rooms, and a carving studio.

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Ft. Wainwright Building 2077 Hanger Upgrades

This project is being performed in two phases.  Phase 1 involves exterior civil upgrades and the replacement of the exterior siding with insulated metal panels.  Phase 2 will first upgrade the steel trusses in the 40,000 SF hangar facility with a complete roof replacement and upgrade to follow.  As an active military facility, the project will be accomplished without interruption to operations.

Wendler Middle School Construction Academy And Technology Lab Upgrades

ECM renovated existing classrooms into into a Construction Academy, Technology Lab & Video Production area, Career Exploration classroom, & art Classroom w/ 3-D Studio. This required a complete renovation of the mechanical and electrical systems of these areas, installation of a new dust collector system, acoustical enhancements for the shop spaces, casework for all areas, and construction of a new covered lumber storage area.

Area was completely renewed and provided with up-to-date interactive electronic display boards. Ample incorporation of interior re-lites and amply glazed sectional overhead doors to the exterior storage area were incorporated to enhance transparency, security and safety from the classrooms through to offices and shop spaces. Material rack storage was incorporated under the new covered exterior work yard.

Recent Projects

FBI Exterior and Interior Upgrades

Dates Construction: Began: 07/03/2016 Completed: 12/09/2020
Location of Project: Anchorage, AK

ECM was the Prime Contractor on this Design-Build on the interior and exterior renovation projects at the Anchorage FBI Building. This work was accomplished in three phases, with a majority of the interior and exterior site security improvements occurring during Phases 1 and 2.1. Upgrades included new K-rated bollards, phalanx barriers at the expanded loading dock, a new EDPM roof on entry vestibule and at the loading dock canopy, expansion of the visitor screening entrance with enclosed guard station, new interview rooms to meet facility security requirements and installation of heated sidewalks. Phase 2.2, similar to 2.1, involved providing traffic access and security entrances, including K-rated bollards; a guard booth; hydraulic barrier; a snowmelt system and anti-climb fences. ECM also performed interior upgrades in Phase 3 such as finishes, lighting, electrical, mechanical and fire alarm improvements, as well as high-security interior upgrades in the operation command center function, the evidence process intake area and sensitive operations areas. This project was broken out into four different phases with phases 1 and 2.1 being hard-bid efforts and phases 2.2 and 3 being Design-Build efforts.

EIE338 Replace JP-8 Pre Filter System

Dates Construction: Began: 10/03/2019 Completed: 10/10/2020
Location of Project: Eielson AFB, AK

ECM performed as the Prime Contractor for the demolition of the existing filtration in Building 6249 and associated above and below-ground petroleum, oil and lubricants (POL) piping. will be in use during portions of the construction until new facility is built. Excavation and stock pile soils for evaluation and contaminated soil to be evaluated. After excavation, the contaminated soil was properly stored in long-term stockpiles on site, according to the owner’s, the state of Alaska and federal regulations. A construct a new filtration building and all associated Mechanical, Electrical, Fire Alarm, and associated systems. Build a perimeter chain link fence around the new facility and demo site.

EIE435 Repair Bulk Fuel Storage Tank 57 and 58

Dates Construction: Began: 07/05/2019 Completed: 09/10/2021
Location of Project: Eielson AFB, AK

ECM performed as the Prime Contractor for the complete recoat of the interior and exterior shell, roof, floor, and appurtenances of both tanks 57 and 58. Modification of POL piping, nozzles, pipe supports, and flanges. Installation of an 8-inch slotted aluminum stilling well. Also included the installation and calibration of new Varec tape gauges coordinated with the installation of new honey comb pans with dual wiper seals, Teflon leg inserts and new pan seals around penetrations. Once the tank repairs were complete ECM provided new tank labeling and name plates for each tank.

Sitka Forest Service Building Siding

Dates Construction: Began: 05/24/2021 Completed: 07/15/2021
Location of Project: Sitka, Alaska

ECM performed as the Prime Contractor for the removal of the existing hardy plank siding material for the Forest Service building. The weather and location was the challenging to schedule the re-siding project during the spring / summer weather for less change of rain. The building remained occupied for normal business hours during the project. The scope was removal of existing siding, install new cedar siding with bevel edges, remove and reinstall gutters, light fixtures and mechanical equipment and reinstall after cedar siding was in place.

Warehouse Buildings: 800, 802, and 804

Dates Construction: Began: 08/31 /2020 Completed: 10/02/2021
Location of Project: JBER, AK

ECM performed as the Prime Contractor on the Design-Build for multiple projects for Building 800, Building 802, and Building 804 Earthquake Repair task order that was successfully completed under the USACE Sustainment, Restoration and Maintenance (SRM) MATOC at JBER, AK. The scope of work encompassed the repair of earthquake-related damages to the facility’s structural systems and non-structural components in the 226,653-SF warehouse facility, which housed five bays. ECM removed the upper three feet and dislodged any unsafe CMU down the entire rail-spur wall before infilling it with new framed wall. The CMU wall was reinforced by grouting the cells and repointing joints and out-of-plane CMU walls were fortified with surface-applied vertical steel supports. ECM also replaced wood feature wallboards, sub-straight floor (mezzanine) boards as needed, as well as reframed and removed wood wall, repointed mortar cracks and crack injection sealant. Restoration included matching the existing finishes of paint, acoustic ceiling tiles and CMU.

Each of the exterior loading dock bays had displaced CMU’s located in the corners of overhead doors, resulting from the earthquake. During the design site visit, it was determined the need to limit the disruption of the existing interior finishes was to complete all work and access for the exterior first. Each exterior bay area had a schedule with a staggering construction start to allow the facility to maintain operations.

Electrical and fire-alarm items were removed and replaced to facilitate earthquake repairs. Additionally, asbestos/lead testing and mitigation were performed on materials disturbed by the earthquake. The scope of work also covered multiple disciplines, including, but not limited to, real property repair, minor construction and infrastructure upgrades. Once repairs and construction were completed on the two-story warehouse, ECM provided interior and exterior paint to match the existing finish. Paint was applied to various surfaces, including CMU, concrete, wood, feature walls, GWB, steel and mortar cracks.

Gallery of Recent Projects