About Eklutna Inc.


Incorporated in 1972 under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, Eklutna, Inc. has played a vital role in the economic landscape of the Anchorage area. It is an ANCSA Corporation, organized under and bound by the Alaska Corporations Code and the provisions of ANCSA.

Eklutna owns 90,000 acres within the Municipality of Anchorage, including Eagle River, Birchwood, Chugiak, Peters Creek and Eklutna. Additionally, Eklutna has significant holdings in the Matanuska-Susitna Borough, with an approximate 67,000 additional acres due to be conveyed from the Bureau of Land Management. As a land developer, we own some of the last remaining prime commercial, industrial and residential real estate within the Municipality of Anchorage.

Today, the Corporation represents more than 170 shareholders and manages a variety of investments, including commercial properties and residential developments.


Passed in 1971, the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) extinguished Native land claims to almost all of Alaska in exchange for about one-ninth of the state’s land plus $962.5 million in compensation. By conveying Native land titles to 12 regional and 200 local village corporations chartered under Alaska state law, ANCSA changed the relationship between Natives and the land from one of co-ownership of shared lands to one of corporate shareholding; i.e., land ownership was based on a corporate model, and governmental entities, including traditional or IRA “tribal” governments.


Through culture and unity, our economic strength provides a lasting legacy of opportunities and resources for all generations.


  • Honor our history and culture
  • Protect our land and assets
  • Grow and sustain our businesses
  • Maintain strong community relationships and professional image

Corporate Goals

  • Ensure financial stability
    • Practice sound financial and business management
    • Invest our resources knowledgeably and responsibly while respecting our culture
    • Use diversification to balance risk from changes in market conditions
  • Cultivate professional, committed Board and Staff to strengthen our performance
  • Continue to develop dividend reserve fund and other Shareholder benefits
  • Encourage education, skill development, and employment for our Shareholders and Descendants

Land Access

Please note: Ice climbing is not allowed on Eklutna, Inc. property.

Maps of Eklutna Land Holdings:

Click HERE to download the Eklutna Land Holdings Map West (Eagle River to Eklutna Lake)

Click HERE to download the Eklutna Land Holdings Map East (Eklutna Lake to Mat-Su)

Click HERE to download the Mud Lake Conservation Map

BLM Land Conveyance to Eklutna

In January 2017, Eklutna was transferred 22,207 acres of land by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). This area, Eklutna Conveyance Area South, is south of the Knik River as shown on the map.

The BLM approved conveyance of all lands on the map in 2015, but the State of Alaska appealed the decision because of differing opinions about easements across the lands. All parties eventually agreed that the south portion could be conveyed, but the northern lands, shown in yellow, have been held up due to discussions about which easements will be on the patented land. Eklutna and the State have come to agreement about the easements and are awaiting the BLM’s approval. The northern area is approximately 26,000 acres and should be conveyed later this year.