Dustin Lorah

Dustin Lorah has been a Director on the Eklutna Board since 2020. He was born in Anchorage, Alaska on November 1, 1975. Dustin’s family name here in Alaska is “Stephan”, and his grandparents are Leo and Alberta Ezi Stephan from Eklutna and Matanuska, respectively.

Dustin graduated from East Anchorage High School in 1993. Soon after graduating he welcomed his daughter, Jo Anna into the world. Amongst any past or future accomplishments or experiences he has had or will, he will always regard his daughter as the most cherished of them.

In Dustin’s professional career, he has worked for a financial planning firm, regional native corporation (CIRI), home security company, two mortgage companies, two real estate brokerages, and both the village and village corporation. From his varied experiences, he has worked in administration, land, legal, marketing, management, finance, property management, and real estate. Throughout, he has been greatly valued as an intelligent, detail-oriented person who excels at research and problem solving, managing business relations and special projects at a senior management level.

Dustin studied at the University of Anchorage, Alaska for two years. He has attained certificates in management, sales and an Alaska Real Estate License.

Dustin is self-employed and works under the real estate brokerage, Real Estate Brokers of Alaska, since 2015. He is also a Trustee, an elected position, on the village council for the Native Village of Eklutna; he was nominated to fill a vacant seat in 2018 and has been reelected in 2019 and 2022. As Trustee he holds several Chairmanships, they include the Housing Commission, River Restoration, and the Policy and Planning committee. Through the village, he was asked to be a delegate for the Alaska Federation of Natives. At Eklutna, Inc., Dustin has chaired the board for Eklutna Utility, Inc. He is also has been a member of the Eklutna Scholarship and Grants committee since 2015 and was elevated to Chairman in 2022. He is a member of the Cemetery Committee, working with the Russian Orthodox Church there in the Eklutna Village.

Dustin is a family and community-oriented person. He has been asked to serve and, in both capacities, as a Director and Village Councilman, he doesn’t take the responsibility lightly. He says, he will continue to serve for as long as he can contribute and be an asset.
He is a dog and cat person who Loves the village he came from, Alaska and the outdoors because he fishes and stuff. I hear that guy is awesome.