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Incorporated in 1972, Eklutna, Inc. was organized under and bound by the Alaska Corporations Code and the provisions of ANCSA and continues to play a vital role in the economic landscape of the Anchorage area.

Eklutna, Inc. owns 90,000 acres within the Municipality of Anchorage (MOA), including areas of Eagle River, Birchwood, Chugiak, Peters Creek and Eklutna. Additionally, the Corporation has significant holdings in the Matanuska-Susitna Borough, with approximately 67,000 additional acres due to be conveyed from the Bureau of Land Management. As a land developer, Eklutna, Inc. owns some of the last remaining prime commercial, industrial and residential real estate within the MOA.

Today, the Corporation represents more than 170 shareholders and manages a variety of investments, including commercial properties and residential developments.

Eklutna Services, LLC

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Eklutna Real Estate Services, LLC

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Eklutna, Inc. Scholarship and Grant Program

Eklutna, Inc. Scholarship & Grant Guidelines

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Education / Employment Urgent Access Grant Application

We encourage you to contact The Tebughna Foundation if you are considering applying for a scholarship or grant. The staff at The Tebughna Foundation are available to assist you through out the application process and offer guidance as you continue your educational endeavors.

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The Tebughna Foundation

Location & Contact Info
1689 C Street, Ste 219 Anchorage, AK
Ph. (907)272-0707
Website: www.tebughnafoundation.com

Corporate News

2016 Board Meetings

The Regular Meetings of the Board of Directors for 2016 are as follows:

  • January 19 & 20
  • March 15 & 16
  • May 17 & 18
  • July 19 & 20
  • September 20 & 21
  • November 1 & 2

Following are the proposed dates for the 2016 Strategic Planning Meetings:

  • January 12 & 13