Maria D.L. Coleman- Treasurer

Maria D.L. Coleman has served on the Eklutna, Inc. Board of Directors and other positions since 1995, currently serving as Treasurer. She is also part of the NALA Executive Committee with the Municipality of Anchorage and State of Alaska, and serves as a delegate for the Alaska Federation of Natives.

She is Vice President (Second Chief) of Native Village of Eklutna since 1998, and served on the Tribal Council since 1994. Maria is a Lead Judge for the Traditional Tribal Court. The Eklutna Tribal Government has appointed her as a Board Member of Cook Inlet Tribal Council since 2012.

Maria was honored by receiving the 2017 Presidential Award for Volunteer Work from Bridge Builders of Anchorage. She gained valuable experience serving on the Alaska Migrant Education Statewide Advisory Council, Cooperative Extension Service Advisory Board, and JBER Community Environmental Board (CEB). She was named on the Dena’ina Center Plaque as a Cultural Advisory Group member. Maria and her family are privileged to perform Dena’ina songs at public events for nearly ten years.

Education history for Maria includes Alaska Pacific University 2015, Village Management Institute 2004, University of Anchorage 2006 and 1989-1991, Anchorage Community College 1981-1982, and graduated from Copper Valley School in 1971.

Maria is proud to be the daughter of Elizabeth Mills, and a granddaughter/great granddaughter of the honored Ezi Chiefs of Eklutna and Matanuska. Maria was one of ten children adopted by Herlee and Rita Stineburg of Palmer, Alaska, and grew up comfortable with having two mothers. Her five biological children have given her seventeen grandchildren and one great grand child! Maria also has numerous “Spirit Children” who claim her as family and she enjoys providing them a sense of belonging.